The Brickhouse Ramblers introduce the fireworks onstage.  What a display !

And what surprise when a FLASH MOB took to Bridge St just before the Antique Car Parade and ANNUAL BED RACE!

How about a street side view of the bed race…

How about an attempt at capturing the biplanes From Van Sant Airport as they flew down Bridge St and then some of the classic cars as they crossed the bridge to line up for the parade.

How about the volunteer singers from The Grace Fellowship Church joining the Ramblers at the end of the night!

Give us some time and we’ll have a consolidation of events and performances on one video.  We have a lot of pictures which will be posted to give you a sense of the day.

Good Morning Milford 1371607182_facebook for everything Milford

Milford Alive!

The Milford Fall Festival & Bed Race which began in 1982, is now MILFORD ALIVE.

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