Free community celebration –street music, art, food, crafts, a wacky “bed race” and topping it off – fireworks! Come celebrate the history, culture and promise of this quaint Delaware River town in Milford, NJ.

Milford Alive 2015 was a great success, and no better way to gauge that was to see the amazing crowd enjoy the sights, sounds, and smiles that our day of celebration brings to our local and welcomed visitors!  Here are a few shots from Milford Alive 2015!

This year the biplane flyovers were caught on video!  They did several flybys and dog-fighting simulations, and they were so close it was thrilling!  Enjoy some additional pictures and video clips from last year.  If you haven’t been yet, Milford Alive is a must see event!

Milfor Alive 2015 - Nick Neske MA 698

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P1590797P1590818Milford Alive 2015 Duck Race P1590785